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Period of insurance:1 year

Sales scope: legally registered vehicles in Cambodia

coverage:please read Civil Safe Motor Vehicle Insurance Policy and pay extra attention to exclusions and definitions

Coverage Plan Benefit Limit

Own Damage

Determined according to the actual value of the vehicle

Third Party Liability

Up to USD 100,000, of which the limit for each accident is USD 10,000 per person and the physical loss is 10,000


Actual value of vehicle*0.8

Accident to Driver/Passengers

Limit USD10,000 per seat
Coverage Plan Coverage interpretation

Own Damage

Lost of the insured vehicle due to natural disasters (excluding earthquakes) or accidents within the scope of insurance liability.

Third Party Liability

An authorised driver has an accident during the use of the insured vehicle and causes direct property loss and personal injury to a third party


Vehicle loss caused by theft or looting

Accident to Driver/Passengers

accidents caused by the insured vehicle resulting in the loss of expenses caused by the driver or passengers on the vehicle
  • What should I do if I need to claim?

    Please call 183183123 to report the case as soon as possible, and we will guide you to through the claim.

  • Can I repair the car outside Phnom Penh for claims?

    We will arrange a cooperative garage to tow your vehicle at the accident site and return to Phnom Penh for repairs.

  • What should be done if the third party escapes after the accident caused by him?

    This situation does not belong to the insurance liability and shall be handled according to the actual situation, and the maximum compensation ratio shall not exceed 50%.

  • How old is a car that cannot be insured?

    For trucks: over 10 years old will not be insured;for passenger cars, in principle, will not be accepted for more than 10 years. Some specific individual models are not restricted.

  • Can a claim be made for broken glass alone?

    Only one claim for broken glass can be made during the insurance period.

  • Do I need a traffic police certificate for claims?

    Yes, you need a traffic police certificate to make claims when the accident is caused by two parties.

For coverage please refer to Civil Safe Motor Vehicle Insurance Policy and pay extra attention to exclusions and definitions.

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